Windows 7 defrag issue


I had check through some of the defrag threads here, none seemed to be the same as my problem. Needed some expert advice. I use to be able to run defrag not
i notice that when I click on the analyse, schedule or defrag button it would prompt that "the diaglog could not be launched" I had also check my inf and noted that "dfrg.inf" is not there. is there such a file for win 7?


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I'm using O&O Defrag so that might have a bearing on this answer.

Just done a quick search and there is no "dfrg.inf" on this 64bit set up

hmm, in that case what may be the cause of my issue? I was able to do defrag 1-2 ,mth back. I had a virus that kick in and afterwhich I can't get defrag, and the portable apps links are also not starting up. :(


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Have you thought of running a system file check? (In the "Run" Dialog or a Command prompt type SFC /scannow).

That should restore all the system files to their default. Beware mind, that will include any customised files if that's your thing. So back up any system files you've purposely changed.

Running chkdsk should sort out file corruption errors. That's a common reason for the windows defrag not starting at all even if manually initiated.
Another reason could be that the services that defrag depends on could be set to 'disabled'. I can't recall what these are, off the top of my head. but may be worthwhile to check the status of those.

And yeah, I too find the windows defragger quite inadequate due to it's slow speed and other shortcomings. I use a commercial auto defrag utility on my desktop; works really nice..set once and forget forever lol.

I tried scandisk, checkdisk,maybe even fdisk. I cannot remember. It still unable to allow me to do defrag. What happens is that when we click on analysis check etc at the defrag a window is suppose to pop up and show you the status of the check that dialog box is not showing up.

I don't seemed to have a solution to that so far. searching the web did not bring any good results.

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