Windows 7 deleted my partition!


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[fixed]Windows 7 deleted my partition!

i just reformated with windows 7. i have a 500gb hard drive. 132gb is for my main OS partition. the other one was for my downloads ect. i chose IN SETUP to only install on my D:\. BUT NOW MY OTHER PARTITION IS GONE!!!! IT DOESN"T SHOW UP IN MY COMPUTER! WHERES THE REST OF MY FILES!! I BACKUPED EVERYTHING ON THERE! WHAT DO I DO! my main partition is now under C:\ even though before (when i was under XP) my downloads was under C: and my main os partition in D:
I MADE SURE that i formated the D: then clicked on the D: and installed it on there!

OKAY i fixed it nevermind, i had to assign a drive letter to it which i have never done. thank goodness for this forum, it's where i found my answer after i thought of the right words to search.
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I found out using RC1 it sometimes does that so when Installed the W7 on October 22 I unplugged all my external Drives and Flash Drives so I only had my 4 internal drives and two burners. I then assigned the drive letters to the drives the way I wanted them CD Burners are Y and Z Internal drives are C D E and F External are G and H and S and T and Flash Drives are I J and K D drive is where my Vista OS is located. I am set up to dual boot to Vista and W7. In the future I will wipe out Vista as soon as I get W7 where I want it.