Windows 7 Deployment - Best method to take and deploy an image

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    Help with Windows 7 Deployment - Best method to take and deploy an image

    I am hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. I apologize if its lengthy.

    For the last few years I have used the following for creating images and deployments.

    1. install XP and the custom software needed.
    2. use sysprep to tie up a sysprep.inf file (that, when mini setup would run, would prompt for a computer name and then join my organizations domain and give each device a different SID.)
    3. capture the sysprepped image via symantec ghost and store the image on a network location.
    4. use ghost to deploy said images to laptops via multicast.

    With my organization going to Windows 7, I am kind of lost in seeing how my old setup will translate to Windows 7.
    I see the way to go is through the AIK which I just installed today. It seems very different and the walk through I tried was unsuccessful and I am not convinced it really would get me the results.

    I am wondering if anyone has any hints for the following:

    1. creating the .xml file and seal up Windows 7.
    2. have the mini setup prompt for a computer name, join a domain, and give a new SID.
    3. how to capture the image. i had heard Ghost is not Windows 7 Compatible. Is there another app that works? We do not have a server with which to push our images. Rather we store them on a network share and pull them off as needed to laptops, go to our remote site, and image from the laptop.

    I appreciate any help you guys can offer. In the meantime I will be reading the walk through in the AIK.

    Thanks again,

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