Windows 7 desktop computer doesn't see my XP wireless laptop in the network

I have a Compaq desktop windows 7 and a Gateway wireless laptop running windows XP. I set up a network so I can share files between both computers. I have an ATT gateway DSL router modem which is a 2wire connection. It worked fine whan I first set it up. Now the win 7 cpu cannot see the laptop XP but the laptop can see and share files with the desktop. When I did a ipconfig on the desktop I got nothing but Media Disconnected. Do the ipconfig on the laptop everything is fine. Anyone know of a solution. I have no problem getting on the internet with either cpu.


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The issues seems to be with the XP laptop.
Check to make sure that
The workgroup name is the same on both computers.
NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled in the properties of IPv4 within the properties of the network adapter(s)
The computer browser service is started
And that no install or update of any third party software on the XP machine is inhibiting file sharing.

Workgroup name is the same on both computers, NetBios over TCP/IP is enabled. How do you start the browser service? Is it done on both machines? Finally, no install or update of third party software on the XP machine.

Computer browser service is on automatic for both machines.

How about the Server service?

There's a million reasons this could be happening. If the Server service is not running, this would be one of them.

Server service is set to automatic.


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Can you ping the XP machine from the Win7 machine by IP address and by NetBIOS name?

Yes I can ping the ip address from the win7 machine. Where do I find the NetBios name?


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the NetBIOS name is the machine name or hostname. Whatever you named your computer during setup.
Open a command prompt and type ipconfig /all should be at or near the top of the results.
EDIT: Also right click computer, and choose properties, should be there under the Computer name tab

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Yes I can ping the NetBios name.


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Well, that's good news. So now,
from the Windows 7 machine
hold down the windows key on the keyboard while simultaneously stricking the "r" key, this should produce the run dialog box
now type \\XpMachineName (the hostname of the XP Machine preceeded by two backslashes) and hit enter
what happens? should produce a network folder containing the available shares on the XP machine or maybe a prompt for a username and password, or perhaps an error
Let us know.

I get a network error stating that Windows cannot access \\laptop. Laptop is the name of the xp computer Also got an error code 0x800704cf

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Check the XP laptop and make sure that you have file and printer sharing turned on, make sure you are actually sharing something and then consider uninstalling any third party software that may be misinterpreting attempts at accessing shares as some type of network intrusions. Comodo, ZoneAlarm, Norton/Symantec, McAfee, etc. any of these types of software as well as many others can cause this type of issue and often attempts to turn them off or disable them will not be enough to diagnose your issues successfully. You can always reinstall them after your problem is resolved.

Did all that you requested, win7 still can't see the xp cpu

Make sure that if both machines are using the same account name, that the same password is also used.

Same account names with different passwords will not work.

Also, make sure a password is actually set for all accounts involved. Blank passwords are disallowed automatically by default for security reasons.


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Is this XP machine XP Home or XP Pro?


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If XP Home Edition,enable the guest account, take a look at this article, I recommend the note under Step 5 in the resolution section rather than steps one through five, up to you.
You receive an "Access is denied" error message when you try to access shares on a Windows XP Home Edition-based computer that is connected to a network
If XP Home, or Pro or MCE then have a look at this article Error message when you try to access a Windows XP-based network computer: "You might not have permission to use this network resource"
Hope this helps.
Failing all of the above....and I'm really running out of ideas here....make sure you have Service Pack 3 installed and re-run the network setup wizard.
Let us know.

Both cpu's have the same name in user's account and the same passwords. xp cpu is xp media edition


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Did you check the registry value referenced in the Second link in my post above?

Yes I did. Changed registry but it didn't help.

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