Windows 7 Disappearing Files/Settings Issue

I've just bought a new PC last friday. I installed and copied tons of stuff from my old PC over. I have a habit of keeping everything on my desktop. However, today, after a virus scan, i restarted my PC. It prompted me to "install Windows 7" weird eh? Anyway, after i plugged in all information, it asked me to create a user. I just put my name. So after I'm logged in, i log off and switch over to "Administrator" (Using this method Enable Vista's Administrator Account - Security - Lifehacker) where all of my stuff is SUPPOSED to be at. However, all of my desktop files and settings are gone. my Windows Live Messenger did not have any saved names, nor did my AIM client have any saved screen names. It's as if i've never signed onto this user account before.

So I go to My Computer and check the harddrive space. the Space is indeed still used, as in the files are STILL on the computer, or should be.. Is there a way of recovering the files? What path might Windows have moved it into?

I am under the suspicion that when I was prompted to install Windows 7 again, It overwrote my "Administrator" account possibly? What doesn't make sense is that my HD space is still taken so I'm almost certain the files still exist on my computer. I just don't know where they're located at.

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