Windows 7 Display / Screen Crashes

Recently I got rid of my Windows XP and installed Windows 7. In the beginning I didn't notice any discrepancies and I started filling my computer with useful programs. Unfortunately, I was interrupted by a crash that basically makes the screen become dark blue with lines going diagonal. Also what was strange was that when I used button combos such as alt+F4 and ctrl+alt+del it changed color and I could hear background noise the same as when it is running normally. Therefore, to sum it up, my monitor display crashes randomly even upon startup or when I use some programs. As a result I tried the Windows 7 compatibility checker and everything seemed alright. Anyways, looking forward for your help.

OS: Windows 7 32-bit
CPU:Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo 6300 1.86 GHz


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make sure you have all windows updates installed, the correct drivers for your graphics card

That actually didn't end up nicely. I got the newest drivers, restarted and then when I log in with my pass, it crashes in the above mentioned style and I could still hear background noise when using ctr+alt+del. So its not drivers...


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try booting safe mode, start pc hold f8 select safe mode, see if the problem persists in this mode :)

Haha I have to say I 'm completely new to investigating problems on the pc but here's what happened. When it crashed in normal mode I was using MicrosoftFixItAero program. When I booted in safe mode, and used that program it crashed but not the display, the program had a critical error and i could still do others things unlike when it crashes during normal set up and I have to manually restart. Did I mention I have the same Windows 7 version installed on my lap top and it is working properly. Therefore, we ruled out updates and graphics drivers, what else could it be ..

More information:
In normal mode apps that make my screen crash/freeze don't work as well in safe mode without the overall freeze situation though they just receive a critical error.
In safe mode it seems that all my drivers are up to date(used device manager, and then update on each single one) I have to verify for normal mode if thats true
From my observations display crashes when video graphics get involved. Example: On Performance and Tools-> rate my computer, it crashed on analyzing video graphics, Display also became distorted and blurred when I tried running a small flash game from my usb. Once it crashed when opening a picture.
Im writing this from safe mode, I m going to experiment in normal a bit more

Apparently the graphics card should be replaced as it crashes in normal mode always when I try engaging it: images, games, tests, and randomly as well. Oddly i can run win7 mostly without the forementioned. Any solution other than replacing video card ?


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i would say try the onboard graphics and remve the card completly, if it works fine then you know its an issue with the card or slot :)

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