Windows 7 does not detect webcam

Hi everyone,

I hope you can help me with my problem. My logitech webcam (this model: QuickCam® Chat ) Still dates from my xp time. My problem now is that my webcam will not work on windows 7.
I tested it on my other computer, witch still has xp, and there it does work. I checked on the logitech website to check for any vista drivers that could work on my windows 7 as well. Unfortunatly there were only drivers available for this perticular model for windows xp.

The webcam shows in devicemanager, but does not seem to detect during installation. This is what I tried so far:

1. Put my webcam in a different USB - port
2. Installed a driver for a more recent model of webcam
3. Uninstalled an reinstalled the xp driver for this model
4. Tried updating with windows update, but failed to update - Updated manually, but still no camera detected.
5. Did an full uninstall for my webcam and started on cleanboot

If any one has any idea what I could try to make it work again, any suggestion are very welcome. And no, i'm not intending to buy a new cam, as long as I know this one should work :p

Thank you all in advance :)


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I tried putting the camera through the compatibility assistant and it was a negative result: Chat

You could try running the xp drivers in compatibility mode (rightclick, choose properties, compatibility and then tick the correct box)..


I already tried that option, tried to run it in every mode available, even troubleshooting compatibility on the install :rolleyes:
So I have no idea what to do lol
I'll try it again you never know :)
Anyone another idea ;)

Greets Wolvi

PS. thx for the link :)

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