Windows 7 doesn't start

Hi, first I'd like to apologise for my poor English.

I have a laptop with 2 partitions (W7 and ubuntu). I do not have any problems starting ubuntu, but when I want to start Windows, i have got one of the following situations:

1) The login screen goes black (I can't even see the mouse pointer). Howewer I can type my password and Windows seems to start (I can't see anything because the screen is black but I can hear the welcome sound, and if I press the windows key, and the right arrow key the system switches off).

2) I can see the login screen, but I can't move the mouse pointer (as if it was frozen).

3) I can see the login screen but the screen resolution has changed ( icons are much higher).

4) The system starts properly.

In 3) and 4) I can work with Windows without any problems.

1) and 2) might happen even starting Windows in safe mode.

I first installed W7 one month ago (i did a custom install), and it has been working properly til last week. I have not installed any drivers, software just before the problem. I run a memory test and no problems were found. I tried a system startup repair (starting with my Windows disc), but no problems were found. I installed the newest Intel driver for my GMA 3100 and it didn't work. I tried reinstalling Windows 7 using my Windows 7 upgrade disk (custom install), and the problem is still there.

Ubuntu is working perfectly. My laptop is a Lenovo 3000 N200. Intel Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, GMA 3100.

I hope you can help me. Thanks.

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