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May 6, 2009
Kinda gave up trying to find some sorts of support on the issue.
But been having some stupid errors on my computer since i upgraded to windows 7.. i know i should of done a clean install, but at the time i didn't know.
But everytime i try to download something off the net.
An example of say i want to go onto and try a demo out for a new program.
The download starts , and does download, if i open the folder that the file is downloading into.
It shows both the download and the .part file in the folder. However when i get to 100% and windows does it scan for viruses, the file disappears and isn't actually downloaded.
I have tested firefox, IE 6 , 7 and 8. All do the same thing. I can't seem to find any reason why there would be a problem with downloading. I am the only user on the computer.
This works wonders with the fact that my usb ports are not working, the drivers must be reinstalled over and over just to get the troubleshooter to disappear, and when i do finally plug something into the usb ports after the reinstall has been "done".
The computer gives me the error noise while connecting the usb device and then the drivers are saided to not be installed, and the registry is missing or corrupt. I have run a reg cleaner with nothing turning up , i have uninstall the drivers completely and reinstalled, nothing.
Any help is very much apprecaited.
i think you should try a clean install and see where does it go from there!!!

I went into windows defender, turned it off, dinked around and finally found UAC, turned that off, I was able to download and open things after that. Been a week and no problems.
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