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when i download the windows 7 file off the microsoft site it says that it will be downloaded in ISO format but when i right click on it it says that its format is file. is this normal or did something happen during the download.
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Yes, it's a file.

There are basically two things in Windows....files or folders.

You need to burn the ISO at the slowest speed possible.

I recommend you download and install Imgburn,

You can get it here:

The Official ImgBurn Website

You need any more help, feel free to post back.
i downloaded Img burn but the windows 7 file is not one of the supported files. is this what happened with you or do i just check the all files in the pop down menu
Go to Start > Control panel > Folder Options, click the View tab, scroll down the list and uncheck this entry:

Hide extensions for known file types

Now click the radio button that says Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Click Apply, then OK.

Now locate the file you downloaded and see if the 3 letter extension is .iso

If it isn't, let me know what it ends in.
i managed to burn it now i need to find a patition tool preferably free to be able to put another partition in my harddrive was wondering if you new of any good ones

when installing windows 7 if i were to select upgrade would that keep all my programs and files or would i have to install them all again do you think that this is better than installing it on another patition. I am running vista which is compatible with that upgrade thing isn't it
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yes if i can figure it out what do reckon is it worth it are there any bugs asociated with doing that or would i be better off just uprading and running just one OS
Well you have two options.

you can dual-boot, but you'll need to download another program that gives you the choice of which operating system you want to start.

You can then save all your files from Vista.

If you only want to run windows 7, you will loose are your programs that you have installed on Vista, but you can always copy your important documents, picture, music, movies, etc to a external USB drive or a large flash drive depending on the size of the files you want to keep.

Along with 99% of the regular posters here, we never recommend you do an upgrade. A 'clean" install is the only way to go. You'll end up with hundreds of useless files left over from vista which are useless and just take up unnecessary space.

So I'll let you figure that one out.

this will probably be the end of my posting for the day, so i'll see you tommorow.