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    I have many Windows 2008 R2 servers running as my DCs. I created a drive mapping group policy on one of the 2008 servers to map my network drives in my AD environment. My Windows XP machines work great 100% of the time. In Windows 7, this is not the case. I cannot see the drive letters listed when I click "Computer" but if I go out to DOS and look at may mapped drives using the net use command I can see all the drives I have defined in my drive mapping policy. I can also see the drive letters within programs like Word and Excel. I just cannot see them listed within My Computer. I looked on the web and I found this about a Reg setting and hiding drive letters. The following settings are not in play.



    I can add drives using "Computer" ,Map to the network drive, click Reconnect at Login and the drives then will show up for me each time I login. I have about 150+ Windows 7 machines out in the field and I need to deploy about another 300 or so soon but the drive letters not showing up in "Computer" is holding me back.

    Your help would be appreciated.

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