Windows 7 Dual Boot with XP

I'm a new beta tester and i've been trying to get Windows 7 on a machine running XP. I have two drives, one for XP one for Win 7, and i've partitioned then correctly (I think). When i try to install win 7 it says, "Setup was unable to create a new system partition..." Please Help!

PS i'm using build 7000 of win 7


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Had Same Problem In Vista

I Think If You Go Into Bios And Dissable USB Boot You Will Be Fine


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What did you use to create the partitions?

Never Mind! My dad figured it out! It was Noton GoBack, we disabled it, and the installation worked fine!

Thanks anyway,


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I used partition Magic 8 to create and format a new partition. I then installed windows on that new partition.

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