Windows 7 DVD issues with reading some DVD software

Have a customer who has a XPS system that will no loger read some of his DVD games and all DVD movies. The DVD's in question work before on the system and still works on other computers. After discussing with him if anything change on his system around the time this started he did mention a Roxio update. I have had problems in the past with Roxio after a update but not one like this. I did all the standard things like remove roxio, uninstall drive and reinstall it. Checked for newer driver and firmware, checked basic registry settings, uper and lower filters in reg, etc..
He also talked to the game manufacture with no luck. Spent 2 hours on phone with Dell basic support which of course had hime check all type of things that had nothing to do with the issue. Basically the symptoms now are if he incerts this dvd or movie in the drive it does not autoplay of course. Look in my computer and try to explore the dvd the drive says nothing is incerted as if the drive is empty. When incerting DVD movies pretty much same results. know he can read other DVD based games, software, etc.. and they work fine. Even newer games from the same manufacture of the one that will not work. I even tried another codec and that did not work. Thought drive may have laser alignment but it works fine with other DVD's and Dell wont send another one to try. I am 99% sure this is a software issues but cant put my fingure on it. Drive is a combo BlueRay/DVD/CD drive. I am sure if I wipe the system and reinstall Os this would fix it buy customer not real keen on this and either am I so a fix has to be out there. Thanks for any imput and hope solution to this issue.

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Hi is this a laptop or desktop system? You could try uninstalling the driver for the drive. Disconnect the drive from the machine and boot into windows.
Shutdown reattach drive to a different sata port if a desktop machine and allow windows to reinstall the drive.


This is a desktop, tried all of that other than trying a differant sata port. But like I said it will read other dvd software, just not one that he wants it to that did work in the past with this system and does work on other systems. And not dvd movies at all will play. I am sure its a software issue with windows 7 and perhaps a program installed on there.


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Wonder if there is any left over remnants of Roxio or perhaps any emulation software like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% or something similar.
Perhaps use something like DriverView launch it and from the View menu choose hide microsoft drivers and look for suspicious suspects.
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