Windows 7 Easier on Batteries then Ubuntu .


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Canonical released the latest version of the popular Ubuntu operating system next week. And while Ubuntu 10.04 may have a new look and feel, integration with the Ubuntu One cloud-based storage service, and improved boot times, it’s not without its issues.
The folks at Phoronix have done some testing and determined that Ubuntu 10.04 uses more power than Windows 7. How much more? out of the box, Ubuntu 10.04 used 56% more power than Windows 7 Professional. At least that’s what happened when running the tests on an Asus Eee PC 1201N, which is a 12.1 inch notebook with a dual core Atom 330 processor and NVIDIA IOn graphics. It’s a fairly power hungry computer by netbook standards under the best of circumstances. Throwing Ubuntu 10.04 on the notebook looks like it could seriously impact battery life.
Phoronix also tested a Lenovo thinkPad T61 15.4 inch laptop with n Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 processor, and found that while Windows 7 still used less power than Ubuntu 10.04, the difference dropped to 14%.
Have you tried Ubuntu 10.04 yet? What kind of impact has it had on your battery life?

Windows 7 may be easier on battery life than Ubuntu 10.04

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