Windows 7 endless restart loop

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    I have had Windows 7 64bit Pro on my computer for around 10 months. I use an Upgrade version through my University that works exactly like a normal copy of Windows 7. I have had no problems with it until now. When I start it up normally and choose Windows 7 (I also have Windows XP pro on my computer) and after about 10 seconds my computer automatically restarts. I tried the Repair My Computer option 3 times and the Last Known Good Configuration twice with no success. When I start it up in Safe Mode, 7 works for about three seconds and then goes to a Blue Screen before restarting.

    I honestly do not know what is wrong with my computer. I have checked all of the internal connections and there doesn't appear to be anything unplugged or messed up with them in general. Again, I have never had problems with 7 before today and I did nothing on or with my computer recently that would elicit this kind of reaction from Windows 7. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Sounds like you have a Virus, can you take the hard disk out and connect it to another working computer and Scan it for infections? also we have just have a ton of Windows updates come through and that could well have messed it up.

    It could be your memory or maybe something else hardware wise might be cactus or even toast

    and it limit it down further can you get into Windows XP? also run Memtest at:
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