Windows 7 error message on startup and hangs

I just bought a new computer with windows 7 , but when i start it up i get an error message "the computer restarted unexpectedly or encounted an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. to install windows clickOK to restartr the computer and restart the installation" I have tried to contact the company technical support but have to wait till Monday, and am working Monday. When I click OK it restarts and hangs again on the same message. Is there a simple remedy to this that I can safely do myself or will it have to go back ??

Cheers Dave


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Some more infor about your system would be really nice, and exactly what you are doing and how you are doing it.

You got the computer with Win 7 already installed and when you try to start it you get the error message. Have you done anything to it, like added any USB devices or extra monitors or devices or drivers?

, All I have done is plug in mouse keyboard and monitor and switch it on. System is:-

Antec 1200 case
Intel i7 -960
6GB Dominator GT TRI-DDR3 1866 RAM
Asus P6T Deluxe V2
Windows 7 premium 64 bit
300Gb Sata HD
Blueray rewriter
22x DVD writer
1GB Nvidia Geforce GTX285
sound blaster X-FI xtreme gamer
800w power supply

Annoying thing is I am dying to get my hands on it, and am annoyed that I will have to wait till next week to try and get it sorted !


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Can you hit F8 during the boot and get to the repair options?

Can you boot to the install DVD and get to a repair option?

Was the computer shipped and could something have come loose? Are all your connections (especially video) secure? Can you open the case to make sure everything is seated correctly?


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Did this happen when you started the computer for the first time?

If it came pre-loaded with Windows 7,. why would it want to install Windows again?:confused:

Yes I can hit F8 and tried that, it stated it found an error and fixed it, but when it started again keeps doing the same thing ?? It was shipped with packing inside the case to stop things coming loose, I have double checked everything and all seems OK.

Looks like it's going back !


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It may take up to 3 times for a startup repair to complete its work. Try it a couple of more times while trying to boot back the the OS in between repair attempts.

The question is why would you need to do this on a new computer? What could have messed up the boot that quickly?

Well waited till Monday, when got home email from the company advised me to reinstall windows 7 (64) again, which i did, VERY surprised with
1/ How fast it loads up.
2/ How easy it was with broadband , drivers etc etc (with old windows doing a clean install could take a couple of days to get everything "up and running"
3/ Fow much better it is than Vista.

Thanks for the advice and help, very much appreciated.


n.b., the new computer is brilliant !!


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If it got messed up once, it might again. Since you haven't found the cause, I would be very watchful and keep track of anythng strange going on..


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The fact that it was faster the second time suggests it could be a problem with anything that was preloaded with Windows 7. These things are known as "bloatware"
Glad you fixed it :D

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