Windows 7 error message won't go away

So maybe a day or two after getting Win7 installed on my Dell, an error message pops up from the start up. Clicking ok or exiting out of it makes it go away, but a second later it pops up again. Can anyone help? It looks like this...(I hope I attached the picture right)



Noob Whisperer
Hello and welcome to the forums. This is probably the result of a program firing from startup tab. Try typing msconfig in the search box and looking under the startup tab and see if you can identify something there. It's usuallly safe to uncheck everything and reboot and see if the problem persists and then you can sort things out by rechecking them one or two at a time. The error refers in the text to a "file" and the title bar lists a folder so without specific information it can be sort of a guessing game. I saw this just recently with someone who had a file with no file extension included in the HKLM ->Software->Microsoft->Windows->Current Version->Run key in his registry. So it's probably only a matter of discovering it...anything that you have installed and probably more importantly uninstalled in the last couple days that may have triggered this error?

Thanks Randy,
I'll check it out. far as anything being installed. Nothing was. I just got Windows 7 put on and a day later it would pop up.
Sincerely Jake

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