Windows 7 Windows 7 Ethernet over USB works but is very slow to acquire IP Address


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I have a Windows 7 64-bit Professional machine connected to the internet through a Netgear N300 Router. I also have a small Linux based camera that does Ethernet over USB. When I plug in the Linux device to the Windows 7 machine, it takes about 50-60 seconds to obtain an IP Address on the 10.XXX.00.X network from Windows. In Windows XP with the same configuration, the IP Address is obtained almost immediately!

After the minute of waiting, everything is fine. I can ping and otherwise use the connected Linux device anyway I want.

Why does it take so long to obtain an IP Address for the device under Windows 7 and how can I troubleshoot or fix this? Is there some sort of priority setting needed?


Using Microsoft Network Monitor when I plug in my device I immediately receive the following:

271 9:26:07 AM 1/17/2013 218.8801397 DHCP DHCP:Request, MsgType = REQUEST, TransactionID = 0xBDBD6E0C {DHCP:53, UDP:7, IPv4:6}
272 9:26:07 AM 1/17/2013 218.8812374 PC-MSP-183B DHCP DHCP:Reply, MsgType = ACK, TransactionID = 0xBDBD6E0C {DHCP:53, UDP:7, IPv4:6}
273 9:26:07 AM 1/17/2013 218.9334041 PC-MSP-183B ARP ARP:Request, asks for
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I'm just guessing here...but I've noticed that the device is using IPv6 where windows 7 natively uses IPv4...same as XP. I would suggest turning off the IPv6 for your network adapter in the properties menu. Seems to be a conflict when trying to decide which one to use which is causing the delay for connection. Like I said, it's just a hunch I have.
Thanks, I disabled everything under network adapter properties for my adapter except for ipv4 but still it takes the long amount of time to get an IP Address. Do you have any other ideas?
The other options I can suggest would be reboot the router by unplugging it from the power outlet for 1 minute and then plugging it back in and checking. The next thing would be to check for a firmware update for you router.