Windows 7 evaluation build 7100 explorer.exe problem

If I leave my PC on for longer than about 6-8 hours my windows 7 starts creating more explorer.exe's. So when I open the task manager and look at running tasks there are about 10-12 explorer.exe tasks running. Also when this happens if i right click to open the drop down menu of a folder or desktop or basically anything explorer.exe crashes. So I must repeat the process 4-5 times till eventually explorer.exe doesn't crash and the drop down menu appears. It also consumes a lot of resources having all these explorers open. I have used the same dvd to install windows 7 on 2 other pc's and neither of them have come across the same issue that I am having. Does anyone know why this could be happening.


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IE8 opens, in the task manager, instances for all separate tabs, etc that you are using. This is normal and is the way IE8 is meant to function. In your case, however, As you are not actually using the computer, I would suggest the possibility of Malware. The only other explanation could be that you have a resident program which is scheduled to search for updates or similar, periodically. ´Such a function could produce the result, but it is unlikely.

Do a full malware scan, or download and run another free anti malware program to see if you get any bad hits.


its not ie8 that's opening continuously its explorer.exe. I don't use ie8 I use Firefox. in the Task Manager under the processes task it says explorer.exe 10+ times depending on how long my PC has been on. and explorer.exe crashes when i right click my desktop or right click the recycle bin to clean it out or right click a folder to copy/paste it.


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No offence, but do you mean iexplore.exe? Internet Explorer


explorer.exe not iexplorer.exe. if it where iexplorer.exe it wouldn't be a problem I would just remove internet explorer from my computer.


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As RAK suggested, I would do a complete virus scan on the entire contents of the computer.

will do

Alright ill run a virus scan. anyone know any good virus software thats free? and also ive installed windows 7 on this PC twice both times clean installs and both times had the same problem.


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As says Reghakr, no offence, but is it a download from Microsoft or other sources?


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No offense,

but the first thing I do when installing anew operating system is to first add good anti-virus protection, spyware detector, and a personal firewall.

PC Tools - Free Download Anti Spyware, Antivirus, Firewall, Internet Security, Registry, Disk Repair software has a free Anti-virus program as well as a personal firewall that is indispensable to me.

There are many other freeware anti-virus programs to use and I'm sure some other posters will recommend their favorite.

You can also find many freeware tools at http://www,

Its a download from the Microsoft website. I don't normally download virus software because im a pretty cautious downloader. I'm running the virus scans now ill post my results when it's done. ill also post if my problem has been fixed or not.

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