Windows 7 event Id 100

Asus P5Q SE
4 GB corsair RAM
ATI 4870 9.8 driver

I used to get boot times of 20-25 seconds know I get boot times 40-60 seconds with event ID 100 and 200, but all its says is windows has started up and windows has shutdown I don't get.

so then I did a fresh install and I'm still getting the errors with slow boots. vie got windows 7 install on 2 computer and they both get these error does anyone else have this problem and should I be worried. could be hardware related. I hate error I just can't leave them alone until they are fixed. I want my old boot times back

oh I'm running windows 7 RTM and the other computer is running RC.

I have the same problem. I have Asus M4A79T Deluxe and 4gigs of ddr 3 corsaid xms. Xfx Radeon HD4890 BE and Amd Phenom II x4 955. Compared to vista, my windows 7 boot time is like crap. Windows 7 takes ages to load the way to my desktop. in Vista it was more like a blink of the eye. I just reinstalled my network drivers and i'll see if that helps.

ok. So the reinstallion of the network drivers helped me a little. But it's still pretty slow compared to vista. it must be some driver problem.

I found the problem on my system it was hardware related I loosened my ram timing in the bios and all the problems went away. lol so simple. After a couple of months I tightened them back again and I'm back to my 20 second boot from pressing the button till I get to my desktop wooohooo hope you solve your problem. could possibly be hardware related

You wouldnt happen to have Corsair TW3X4G1600C9DHX memory? because if you do, then i think we are having the same problem :D

yes it is corsair so we got the same brand loosen your timing it might solve it.

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