Windows 7 Explorer Big FUP

A couple of days ago I was looking through my documents shall we say and I clicked out the window and remembered I forgot something so I clicked on my computer then went to click on my local disk icon when I get this message saying their no file extension to open the drive so I just shrug it of a couple of days and put up with the right click opening Until finally two days later I am about to burst a blood vessel in my head so tired of right clicking to open a god dam folder and So I try go through the motions to try to fix it and figure it out read a couple of forums try a couple of things and so then I click the start button type in the search bar windows explorer I right click on the tab that says (open with) I go to find the windows explorer exe in the windows folder and I click on that and then press the open with button The always open button checkbox was on I realized this after So long story short I Now have a computer running about 300 processes of windows explorer using 100 percent cpu and no way to change it back to the pop a blood vessel in my head **** up. I've tried taking the same steps I took to change it to begin with but I don't know what the default program association for windows explorer is...I have Uniblue registry fix I have run this didn't do anything to change the file association.All of my shorcuts are now showing windows explorer icons on my desktop same with the taskbar icons..

Please Help Oh Please


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Do you have a system restore point you could go back to? That would be a quick solution..

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