Windows 7 failed, tried everything, please help

Ok so last night I was on my computer and then I shut it when I came home from work it keeps saying windows failed to start. So I tried searching the intenet for a solution and found a couple, but none works.I tried hitting f8 and loading to the last good configuration doesn't work, safe mode same thing, repairing nothing, so my last resort was my windows 7 I went into bios and made my configuration boot from cd/dvd popped it in and restarted, a black screen came up saying windows is loading files, then the windows 7 menu came up, picked my language, next, and first I tried repair my computer, I get the little circle meaning its loading for like 5 seconds them it does nothing, rebooted again but this time I chose, install and I've been on the setup is starting for like 20 min,

Can someone please help me..

And forgot to mention, when it boots seem like it does good then comes to the screen where it says windows failed and gives me two options repair our start normal, if I pick repair it just reboots and start normal takes me to like the pick your user screen but its just blank no users, so I can't even restore our access the computer


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Do you remember doing anything before you shut it down the last time? Maybe a driver was installed?

If you can get to the F8 options, can you select Repair my computer and then do a Startup Repair?

Any chance a virus is involved? Microsoft has a bootable version you could try called System Sweeper.

Is this a desktop or laptop?

Its a desktop dell inspirion 570, and before I turnes it off I was messing with my phones sd card I moved some pictures and music from sd card to a folder in my documents then I formatted the only driver I can think I installed if it already want on was the motorola drivers for my phone.
I can get into f8 but when I hit repair my computer it says windows is loading files then it takes me to a blue screen, not the blue screen of death of whatever looks like a desktop background but its blank. When I hit last known good configuration in the f 8 , it says starting windows, it quickly flashes a blue screen that I can't read then reboots.

And I don't know if its a virus, I have never had this problem. And that system sweeper I font know how I would use it I'm actually using my phone to type on these forums, so I don't have a computer


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I am going to give you the link below. Many of the steps you have already tried, but it get down to using the command prompt later in the process. If you cannot get to the command prompt normally using the Windows 7 Install DVD, on the second page where you would normally select Repair, you can hit Shift+F10 to open a command window and use the process described.

After you install a device or update a driver for a device, Windows Vista or Windows 7 may not start

Since you do not know what is wrong, I will assume it is a driver problem. But it still could be some type of virus or the fact you formatted something, or something could have just failed. If you need help with part of the process, post back.

I will check the Dell site to see if they have any info since they normally keep a fairly extensive knowledge base for their systems. Something you might try, although probably won't help, is to re-insert the flash card to test.

Let us know if make any progress....

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