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    Oct 24, 2012
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    Hi I am trying to share files between pc and mac over lan.
    I am having trouble figuring it out. I have read a lot of different tutorial on the
    subject which only made me more confused.
    The main thing I dont understand is I read that to share files on the mac you need
    to enable password protected sharing. I enabled it but I dont understand how to set the password for it? is it just my windows password? I am the only user on my pc, but I do not show up under the file sharing options, my account is called steven nowak but it only lists 'everyone' as a 'share with..' option, so to log in from the mac would I have to type steven nowak as the user name? and If i wanted to give access to a specific folder to someone I didnt want to have my main windows password would I really have to create a whole account for that person on my pc even thought they wont be using it directly only accessing a small portion of the files? Or does anyone know an easy step-by-step way to share files between a pc and mac with windows 7 and os x. I have tried everything I can think over the past few months, and still cant see the pc on the mac. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks, Steven

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