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Hello all.
I suppose I'd best start from the beginning, when I moved installed Windows 8 Release Preview onto the second hard drive on my build, duplicated files onto it, and left 7 on my WD drive(in case 8 didn't work out)
About a week later, trouble struck. The WD drive started to make terrible grinding noises, and soon after stopped showing up on my computer. I figured that I'd have to get another drive, but that it could wait- I still had my main drive, after all.
However, 8 quickly began to irritate me, as it begun slowly freezing up- I'd be in Chrome, and suddenly I couldn't access the Start screen or the dock icons. Soon, I wouldn't be able to do anything, and I'd have to manually restart. It is worth noting here that I tried multiple times to install drivers for my AMD 6870, but they didn't work(some games, for example, would say "Bad graphics card drivers", and could not run)
So I figured that I'd just stick in the disk for 7(Home Premium), and get going again.
After multiple failed attempts, I finally managed to get it installing, and went to have dinner. After I got back, lines of code were flashing across a black screen. Though moving quickly, I managed to catch what appeared to be the first few words(they were the first in about 90% of the lines). They were "Restoring orphaned..."
I decided it was best to not mess with it, as something had clearly gone wrong and it was restoring files.
In the morning, it worked- except that my wireless mouse did not. I grabbed a wired one, plugged it in, and installed Windows, then replaced it with a wireless one, which said it was "Installing Drivers".
All my old stuff is now in WindowsOld.001. My question here is, is there any way to move those files back to my current Windows(that is, the program files- documents and pictures were backed up). Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I can't seem to find the Gigabyte drivers disk- basically, my computer doesn't have network adapter drivers- so it can't connect to the internet to download drivers.

Hello Chris,
to Windows 7 Forums;

The best way to accomplish what you want is to use Windows Easy Transfer.
To access in Windows 8, either right click on an empty area of the Start screen and then click on "All Apps" and locate "Windows Easy Transfer" or from the "Charms Bar" click "Search" and type in "Windows Easy Transfer"

Not sure how to use it? This may help; Transfer files and settings from another computer

Hope this helps

I'm afraid WindowsOld.001 will mostly contain documents, not drivers or programs. Also Windows Easy Transfer won't help with drivers and software. I didn't quite get what drive you installed this version of windows on though. Is is the WD or the one with Windows 8? If you have no operating system with network access your best bet is probably to ask a friend or use another PC to get online and download the drivers.
Hope it helps!

Unfortunately, the install agent refused to let me use easy transfer- or do anything but a clean install, reporting several errors. :frown:
@alberto- are you sure? By going into the Programs/ProgramsX86 files I've been able to start up Photoshop, Core Temp, Speccy, and Catalyst. Are these just the exception?
The WD one has failed, and I took it out, 7 is on the Hitachi one right now.
Thanks. :)

If you're able to start software from that folder, then I'm obviously wrong. Sorry about that. In that case is there a WindowsOld.001/Windows/system folder or something similar? Try scanning that folder for drivers if it exists (and also /system32). Specify the address manually when you try to install new drivers from the hardware management panel.
Does that help at all?


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If you still have the problem, I suggest you make a fresh install. A week should be enough to convince anyone? "Can't have them all?"

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