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Windows 7 Windows 7 Firewall GPO Help Please


New Member
Jul 12, 2013
Windows Firewall settings were exported to a .wfw file.

The settings take effect if I manually import them through gpedit.msc and click to import the file.

What I really want to have happen is a batch file executes the following: netsh advfirewall import c:\firewall.wfw
For some reason using this command says it executes correctly with an OK... but the settings fail to take effect... this computer is not on a domain... it's odd that manually clicking through allows the file to make the settings take effect... but running the command does not...

Can anyone assist? Is there a registry hack for this?
I need to import the wfw file into the gpedit.msc program so it works.... I need a command prompt command that allows me to do that... I can only seem to add them manually with clicking... need a command to do that please