Windows 7 folder naming problem


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Just wondering if this problem has been encountered by anyone else? Sometimes when I create a new folder on the Desktop, and try to give it a name, I get some error message saying that something hasn't been implemented. For example, I wanted to create a folder called GTILL_Touch, but I got the not implemented error, and instead the folder was then renamed to GTILL_Touch(1) automatically. Strangely, a random file on my desktop changed it's name from xyz.jpg to GTILL_Touch.jpg!!

Any suggestions?




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I`ve never seen this

I`ve never seen something similar.
However, if that happened just once it`s OK, but if happens every day I would run some registry-checking software or something similar to determine if the problem can be solved easily or you have to do something else. If you can`t determine the problem, you can try using another user account. Just create a new one and delete this. Usually this can solve a lot of similar problems.

Hope this can be helpful.