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I just upgraded to windows 7 and I need some help. I use a program called font loader to load fonts that I use on a daily basis without having to install them into the windows font folder. However, Im using windows 7 64 bit so does not work ( only works on 32 bit). My question is this: when I was using vista or xp, if i opened a font, it was available in the font list of whatever program I was using ( paint shop pro 12, photoshop, aol mail ect), but it doesn't show up with windows 7. Is there a way for me to use the 12,000+ fonts I have without having to install them all onto windows?
I know, a bit confusing. Thanks in advance for any help


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In short, no.
I wouldn't recommend installing more than 800 because it will dramatically affect boot performance.
Surely you don't need 12 000+ fonts?

what ive done instead of installing the fonts is install as shortcut ( i think thats right), and no, not all 12 thousand of them lol. Just the ones that i use the most.


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So you've fixed your problem? Or are you saying that's what you initially did?

i guess i fixed the problem. i found the solution after i posted on here.


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Glad to hear :)
Thanks for using the Windows 7 Forums!
See ya around :D

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