Windows 7 fonts missing !


I don't know what happened, but when I turned on my PC this morning I found out that the following fonts are missing from the Windows/Fonts directory: Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman. Maybe others are missing also, but I can't tell.

Everything is Italic and/or Bold.

So my questions are:

01. Why is this happening?
02. What happened with the missing fonts?
03. How could this be fixed?
04. What is the default font and size for Windows 7?
05. Where can I change it?

Thanks in advance!

01. No Idea
02. No Idea
03. Go to C:\Windows\Fonts and in there are all the fonts installed on your system. Tell me how many are in there.
04. I would take a guess at Calibri and 11
05. Not Sure - Don't think it can be done unless there's some sort of accessibility setting...

The only way to get them back I would say would be to do a repair. Do you know how to do that?
I've got 232 fonts installed. I don't know how to make a repair. :)

Ow, and will a repair delete some personal files from Program Files and/or other places?

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Ok so your missing 5 of the default fonts, forget about the repair, if you want to add me on MSN then I can send you the five you are missing.

If you can identify what you are missing that is... I know you said those three, do you know what others are gone??

Or I can e-mail you the whole folder and you can just replace it :)
I can't go on MSN because I don't use it. If you would e-mail me the folder I would talk to Santa and you would be rewarded !!! :)

My e-mail is the nickname I'm using here + gmail.


Hi & welcome to Windows 7 Forums :)

I believe you are missing 6. Should have 238. Let's not jump to Repair quite yet.

Type Font settings in search. Restore the Default Settings, please. & recheck things

Seems 'bcarrol' is offering to do what I was, also, going to suggest.


"A scan a day keeps the nasties away!"
I'm really really really new at this, so I have no idea what you just said :))


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Just wondering if you installed some sort or desktop publishing software and then uninstalled it and wiped out those fonts because the program put them there.........justa a wild guess.

Perform a search for this file:

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Just wondering if you installed some sort or desktop publishing software and then uninstalled it and wiped out those fonts because the program put them there.........justa a wild guess.

Perform a search for this file:
Found the file.
My kid was playing something at my PC for a couple of days, now everything is broken :)) This should be a life lesson :)


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A system file check will restore system fonts. Start an administrative command prompt, type sfc /scannow which should replace the missing ones. Admin prompt is Accessories, Command prompt, right click and select "run as admin"

These files are not easy to delete.


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I have had lots of problems with two fonts I purchased. After a lot of effort and some help form forums and the font supplier I got to the bottom of the problem and found a solution, see story attached. Gives details of how to AVOID problem and how to CURE it if you did not manage to avoid it!


I also had a problem of missing fonts (Tahoma, MS Sans Serif, Times) and thus could no longer use CD Burner XP.
A simple solution I found was to copy the missing fonts form my other computer (Win XP) and then install them onto the one under Windows 7.
And it worked without restoring the whole system...

There is a way to fix the factory fonts in Windows 7 without repairing/reinstalling the OS.

First insert your Window 7 Disk.

Navigate to (CD ROM Drive Letter):\sources

You should see a file labeled install.wim. This is what contains the original Windows 7 installation image. It also contains the font files.

Before mounting the image file we need a place to mount it. Create a folder at the root of C: called 'win7wim'. The path should be C:\win7wim.

Go to the Windows button and select Run...

Type in CMD (make sure it is running as Administrator).

In CMD, type:
dism /mount-wim /readonly /wimfile:(cdrom drive letter):\sources\install.wim /index:1 /mountDir:c:\win7wim

Once it is finished mounting navigate to C:\win7wim\Windows\Fonts

Select All (Ctrl + A), then right click a file and select install. Allow it to install over the existing fonts. You will also get some messages about files that are in the folder that are not valid font files. Check the box to ignore future warnings and allow it to continue.

When it's done you've got all factory fonts restored without reinstalling your OS.

I just came up with this myself tonight after running into the problem and not finding a way to fix it in any forums. I figured the older versions of Windows always had the files in a compressed format on the CD so this one must as well. Maybe someone already came up with this and I reinvented the wheel but I hope this helps someone.

If you have the space it might also be nice to make a copy of the entire Install.WIM file while you have it mounted. I can see many other places it could come in handy.

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I checked the Microsoft Typography - Fonts and Products link out, too in hopes that it would work. The problem is that they only link you to a place to PURCHASE the fonts. Seems silly for us to purchase them when they are bundled with our OS.

It would be nice if we could just go through some kind of Windows Genuine only site to download the original fonts rather than basically having to hack the OS disk (albeit with tools included in Windows) or reinstall the entire OS. I guess with Microsoft we'll always have to find 'workarounds' rather than easy fixes. Maybe that's why so many computer techs prefer PC to Mac. It's because it keeps it interesting with all the little problems. ;)

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Did you try extracting them from the DVD as Geoff suggested?
If you just did a repair install it would replace all the missing fonts but it does seem like there should be an easier way.


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If you have access to another Windows 7 computer copy the fonts folder.

C:\Windows\Fonts to a DVD.

You should be able to install all the fonts on you computer from the DVD.

Open the folder, select all, or just the fonts you want and install.

When it asks you if you want to replace the existing font click yes to all and it should replace all the fonts.

Any fonts you have installed that were not the original fonts will still be there when you get done.


Yes, that works as well and is the easiest alternative.
The previous instructions were only a last ditch thing to do if you have no access to another Win 7 machine.
I'd hate to see someone do a repair or reinstall of the OS just to get fonts back. If I hadn't tried to extract that WIM file, and found a built in Microsoft app to do it, I would have been forced to repair or reinstall.

Dear DarkPaladin23,

Your advice to mount the installation disc and use the fonts is brilliant!!!
I just did it and it saved me from the last option I had - re-installing. Thank you, bless you!

My Question, now when I try to delete the win7wim folder I just can't, I get "access denied"/"need permissions" message (I'm the admin on the machine)
any advice on how to delete it?



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Glad you got it fixed.

Since I use a lot of other fonts as well I have a folder named "Fonts Used on This Computer".
It is a copy of my fonts folder.

If anything turns up missing or I decide to remove some and then later change my mind, I know where to go to get it.

Try using

Grant Admin Full Control,
and see if that will let you delete the folder.

Take and Grant Full Control Permissions and Ownership in Windows 7 or Vista Right Click Menu « My Digital Life


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Hello everyone,
I need help, I have the same problem since the last update of windows (last week).
I have reinstalled the fonts, but when I turn off (when restart does not happen) are deleted again, I also restored the OS updates before and seems to work .. until I get them (they are critical updates).
Clears all except 3, but they are fonts of symbols, so every time I lose an hour to fix the PC.
I checked and I have no viruses, no spy ..

Can anyone help me? (I 7 64-bit).




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One thing you should do when you get your fonts restored is make a copy of your fonts folder to another location on your hard drive.
That will always give you an easy access location to restore your fonts with out putting the disk in etc.

You only have to right click on the font and select install to replace them.

As to why they keep disappearing check out this post... This may be related to your problem.

Windows Fonts disappearing - Gizmo's Freeware ForumMike

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