Windows 7 Windows 7 Free AntiVirus Software

Installed Comodo but am getting a constant nag saying that Comodo reporting is in a format no longer supported.

Tryed Avira Antivir - Just keeps freezing!

What virus software are you Windows 7 users installing?????


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I used AVG for a while, but it seemed a little to bloated and hogged resources. Now I'm using avast! which seems to work nice.

IObit has released beta for Security 360. Given how much I like Game Booster, this might be a good choice, but it is in beta, so might wait.
Beta Testing | IObit


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i downloaded the Kaspersky software off the Microsoft website, and am using it in Beta mode

working fine for me


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Microsoft is jumpin in soon to give away their version of antivirus dubbed Morro. The beta is said to be released soon with the full version out by end of 09. Link Removed due to 404 Error
you know....I think Morro will have trouble getting off the ground after the bad taste that OneCare left. But who knows...maybe they got it right this time.


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Oh man trend micros beta 2010 program.

Works great. Uses hardly any resources. This beta goes till July they then have beta III goes to another date ect. No cost.


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I'm a long term AVG user...but it gave me a lot of headaches in Win 7 , so i changed to all thoose years running AVG when i could have used AVAST instead... SOOO much better, 100% hassle free......

Download AVAST its free (ok their website might not be 100% headache free, but who is in these days :p)



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way to resurect a year old thread by the

As for MS's Anti virus app... well just look at all the security holes they are still patching in their OS, do you really feel safe using a security app by them? remember the atrocious windows defender that never blocked a damn thing ever.

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I believe PC World had Security Essentials in its top 5 if not top 3 as a free AV, in fact as an AV it is not bad
Independent Tester: Security Essentials 'Very Good' - PCWorld
Microsoft's free Security Essentials antivirus software identified 98% of over half a million malware samples, an accuracy rating an independent testing company called "very good" today.
Germany-based tested Security Essentials, the free software Microsoft shipped Tuesday, on Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), Vista SP2 and the final code of Windows 7, against two different collections of malware, said Andreas Marx, one of the firm's two managers.


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While i'd be inclined to take the german's testing as reliable, PCWORLD??? they are terrible when it comes to anything technical, hell they got worse since they hired the "Tech-Guys", unless of course you ain't referring to the spinoff sister company of Currys & Dixons, "PCWorld" here in blighty lol

Ah just checked off the link, thankfully it's the USA PCWorld mag, now that's more like it, was gonna say anyone that believes the UK store I thought you ment needs thier head examined, cos there been a long list of stupidity in the branches I've visited over the years from there so called "Tech Guys" support... such as not knowing the difference between AGP and PCIE! oh how I laughed at them, my brother in law makes a point of buying his games there merely to taunt the staff when asking about the specs needed to play em, knowing fine well they haven't a clue.
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I've used Avast free for a long time. When version 5.0 there were a few conflicts but they are all fixed now. They do have a helpful forum if you do run into a problem. AVG forum sucked is why I switched to Avast.