Windows 7 freeze while in setup

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I have been trying to install windows on this computer for over a day now, I used to own an MSI board and decided to upgrade to an ASUS m4a89td PRO/USB3 for a raid 0 and crossfire combo. Beforehand, I had windows 7 pro 64 bit installed just fine, playing games and running smoothly. I remember windows being stubborn to install at first, but I was able to figure it out using google and installing raid/mobo drivers.

THIS TIME, I am unfortunate to be cursed by windows once again. The windows 7 64 bit install freezes at random intervals... either at the very beginning and at expanding windows files(0%), NOTE. Bios does not freeze.

I've tried many things posted on the internet without success... here are the things I have tried.

-burned 5+ discs ranging from 1x - 4x on different media, dual layer virbatim and single layer ritadek dvds
-took out all useless componenets such as my extra video card, ram, sound card, extra drives etc
-tried to install windows on a single hard drive without the raid
-unplugged all usb devices
-loaded raid drivers from the chipset driver downloaded from the asus website
-leaving the install run (frozen) overnight to see if it would magically unfreeze and finish
-turned off a bunch of features in the bios... alot of them made my system unbootable so I havent really tried all the combinations, open to more suggestions with this.
-switched dvd burner/reader drive for burning and reading

here are my hardware specs:
1090t 6core processor
4gb x2 CORSAIR 1333MHZ ram
ASUS m4a89td PRO/USB3
700 watt OCZ power supply
2x radeon 5770 HD VAPOR-X video card
LG dual dvd burner

I am really stumped on this, I usually can google my way out of situations, but I really cant seem to find the cause of this one.

Thanks in advance,


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You have tried many things, so I have to ask is this a brand new system or has it run before? Have you tried running a Linux Live DVD to see if the system will run?

Yukfoo1, the original poster will be getting the answers, if you mix in, it will confuse the thread.

Well, after having re-put in my old board, and everything installed fine.

I did try and install windows xp and linux instead of windows 7 also, same freeze. So I came to the conclusion that the board was defective and sent it back.

God, motherboard issues suck, good thing I still had my old board.

thanks for the suggestion,

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