Windows 7 freezes at expanding files

I managed to finally get Windows 7 beta installed but it was the most difficult operating system install I've ever had. First I split my 750 GB Samsung into two partitions. One for Vista Ultimate 64 bit which will remain and the other about 200GB for the Windows 7 beta install. regardless of whether I tried to install to that partition while in Vista or from a boot from DVD option the installation would freeze at expanding files anywhere from 40 percent to 80 percent. I even tried copying the DVD files directly to the HD and running the install from there. By the way when it froze on expanding files the only way out of this was to hit the chassis reset button. Then it froze in the BIOs and the SATA drives could not be detected. ( I was trying to install the Windows 7 beta 64 bit version by the way.) I then tried resetting all BIOs value to default, removed all ram except for one stick. Disconnected all peripherals from USB ports. I even disconnected the other two SATA drives. It would not work. I tried the 360 GB drive. Same problems. Finally I tried the 160 GB HD and it finally installed. I have no clue as to why this will not work with the other hard drives but I know several people who have NVIDIA based chipset boards with similar problems.

Intel Duo E8400 CPU, 4GB Kingston HyperX DDR2, NEW***EVGA GTX 285 ***, Corsair TX750, EVGA 750i FTW, Samsung 750gig HD, 36GB HD, 160GB HD, Samsung 206BW monitor, Dual Boot Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit + Windows 7 beta 3D Vantage P14,140 Antec 900 chassis

It's funny how I with 40Gb's, Celeron with 512Mb's,had no trouble partitioning Xp,and then installing Win7 in 25 minutes,their's your all singing and dancing bazooka of a computer having big problems.
Seem's the equivalent of having a Ferrari and putting diesel in,well sort of.

That is exactly why I believe it to be an issue with NVIDIA chipsets. You're running an Intel chipset.

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