Windows 7 Freezes at Installation

Hi all,

i have just purchase windows 7 today.
i am intending to do a clean install and so i did a boot up from the cd/dvd option with the DVD.
i manage to get to the first blue sky wallpaper everytime. From then on, it will freeze randomly each time with a different timing. The loading is ridiculousy long and the mouse will just freeze with no DVD/HDD activity. i have waited up to an 1hr at the longest try.

Sometimes i get to see the Choose Language/Keyboard etc. sometimes at the " Setup is starting " where the mouse turns into a blue circle and then hang ~_~.

Once i got to choosing partition, i did chose my current exisiting partition with the format option and got to expand windows files to 3% and i froze there.

I also did a Windows adviser and i passed all the requirement other then the warning that says windows xp wil require a clean install.

Com Specs:
MSI Infinity x975
Core2Duo E6600 2.4g
2Gb Ram
250gb HDD
Ps/2 Keyboard ----> my usb keyboard doesnt work for some reason
USB Mouse.

Any help will be much appreiciated.


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Could you give the details of your graphics card please. I think the problem is deeper than that, but we can start there!

Hi Rak,
thx for the quick reply.

I am using Geforce Ultra 8800 at the moment on this rig.

I will keep checking this thread :D every few mins.

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would it be because i selected to format that it hangs at expanding window files?
But i dont seem to see and HDD activity light blinking or noise/ unless its really silent.


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This seems to be a regular purchase and not a download?
That makes it a tough nut to crack. I would have suspected a faulty download or bad burn.

Only thing I can come up with for the moment is a slightly defective DVD reader. If you have a head cleaner you could try that.
Otherwise, do this. Create a folder on your harddisk. This will have to be away from where you are going to install 7. Call it Setup. Try and copy all the DVD files to that folder and run setup from there.

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is it a dell??

i have finally manage to install wins 7 on the hdd, i just keep trying ( pray it doesnt hang )
its still freezes all the time during the first boot to windows as well as AFTER i am in desktop and ready.
but it only seems to crash whenever i click something or do something.

i now freeze every 5 - 10 mins max.
it is virtually impossible to do anything in that short tiem frame.

PC is custom built. Not a Dell PC.

It is seems like it is still the same issue as when i was having during the setup. I am unable to do anything other then to give it a cold restart at the power switch.

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See if the latest beta driver will improve the graphics card:
GeForce/ION Driver Release 190

Also, I am now suspecting a ram problem (Might as well suspect the lot, one by one - lol) Try removing the strips and changing the slots.

Everything works perfectly and well, other then the fact i Freeze every 5 min of usage in windows 7.

as of now i do not have any other option but to install windows xp back fresh.

Any more help here would still be welcomed and i will come and check often!

i will try that gfx driver now. i have already tested both rams seperately, same issued happen, i will update you in 5 mins

nope.. still doesnt works.. it stills hangs within 5 mins of usage... however it seems to be ok in safe mode.. ~_~

this is killing me

i think i have the cause of the crashes, seeing that i was running stable in safe mode, i uninstalled my 8800 ultra driver and booted in normal mode and everythign was working fine.

But this is not a perm solution as i would have to run everything in 800x600 mode T_T

i tried the latest driver as well as the beta one u have provided previously.. i just spend 200$ on windows 7 and hopefully i dont need to spend more $ just to get this working when my 8800 is not even spoilt.

Defrost, I am having the exact problem you were (freezing on install). I have been trying to install since last Saturday.

I have tried everything people have suggested on various forums.

How did you finally get it to install?

hi aze,

as long as it doesnt freeze until the first restart, u can get windows 7 OS loaded in.

i am able to use windows 7 till it crashes. the moments that it doesnt crash is really wonderful..

too bad for me,
u can try chaing ur bios PCIE settings around, it seems to be the problem.

hi aze,

as long as it doesnt freeze until the first restart, u can get windows 7 OS loaded in.

i am able to use windows 7 till it crashes. the moments that it doesnt crash is really wonderful..

too bad for me,
u can try chaing ur bios PCIE settings around, it seems to be the problem.
Thanks defrost, But dident work.

Everything ran smoothly on my dads pc. Then it froze on my Pc again after 5 mins of continuing the install.

Guess its my mobo :(

#16 here.

I am also trying to install W7 64 by booting from my DVD drive. Once the pretty blue sky like background loads I get nothing else, but I've only waited a few mins, maybe up to 5 before manually restarting the PC.

So are you saying I need to just wait longer and see what happens??

I don't have a clue what else to do. My PC is custom as well. Core2 duo at 3Ghz, 2 gigs Ram, and Nvidia GTX 260 video card.

you should wait longer, i only manually restart my PC when the mouse stops responding.
i am back to XP for now till i can get my hands on a new GFX.

as it seem to be able to run on safemode pretty stable.

I had this same exact type of behavior when I was trying to install Windows 7 on my Intel DP965LT w/Q6600 CPU. I tried all the usual things (disable the floppy controller, remove some memory, etc) but nothing worked. In the end all I had to do was flash my motherboard with the latest BIOS. I did it just because I wasn't sure what else to try and WOW, what a difference that made. Windows 7 installed beautifully after that.

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