Windows 7 Freezes at the EXPANDING FILES stage then shuts pc down completely.

I bought all this pc gear in feb 2010. I put it all together and Windows 7 64 bit loaded just fine and worked all this time. Here lately during reboots and shutdowns I have noticed that my computer hangs and was very glitchy. I decided to wipe the drives and do a clean install. That is when I began having all this trouble. I have pulled all the parts and used only one stick of memory at a time and one hard drive at a time and I have read a lot of forums with people who are running into this same situation but never has there been a clear "This is what causes Windows 7 64 bit to shut your pc down at the Expanding files stage". I have this technical read out from CPU - Z and a read out from Speed fan. I know my way around computers and will be more than willing to try anything to fix it. One last thing that doesn't make a lick of sense. Just out of curiosity I decided to try and load my Windows xp 32bit onto this machine - Worked without any glitches or flaws and is currently what I am on right now typing this. I love my Windows 7 and would like to have it back on this machine. Is there anyone out there who can help me please. Thank you.
ALSO... FYI ... Yes this is a 64 bit machine with 2 2gig sticks of corsair DDR3 Ram. MSI NF750-G55 MotherBoard with a fully updated bios. AMD PHENOM II x4 955 Processor. NVIDIA BFG GeForce GTX 280 video card. Creative XFI Extreme Gamer sound card. I have a 1 TB sata HD and a 160Gig Sata HD.

Like I said it worked very well the first few months and then just slowly started having issues and last week just shut down and would not reboot. That is when I decided to do a clean wipe and reinstall and simply cannot get passed "THE EXPANDING FILES" stage of loading windows 7. Anyone out there please help. Very frustrating.


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When you wiped the disks did you delete the partitions? or did you just do a format. If you only formatted try deleting the partitions and then rebooting. Restart the install create your partitions and see how that goes.

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I tried that on both drives with each drive attached separately. I have deleted the partion and then reformatted both drives. No matter what I have tried it still hangs up at Expanding Files stage.

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