Windows 7 freezes on program start

The computer runs just fine for days if i just use the programs i have open.

The problem is when i start programs like limeware(filesharing), rappelz (game) (also other games), live help messanger (support IM prodgram for homepages) and some other programs. If i load the program with for example open firefox and all its pages and start winamp etc it works ok BUT if i teh also start one of the programs listed above then windows 7 freezes in a wierd way. The music from winamp just keeps on playing like its totally fine and i can even move my mouse but nothing is happening, its like its a screenshot infront of me. if i click some then the mouse also freezes but the music keep playing.

However if i have no load on the computer and did just start up the computer and try to start one of the programs above then it starts up just fine and as long its running everything works fine.
If i start up the computer and fool around on it for a few hours and then but no load on it and try and start one of the programs above then MABYE windows 7 freezes (it freeze for sure if i put load on computer and start it).
I used to have this problem with windows mediaplayer classic but i updated/installed some drivers i cant remeber and then the problems for that program went away.

It seams to be related with internet based program (however it have never happen on firefox startup, email startup and more)

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core processor 6000+ 3,02 GHz
2gb (ran a memorytest and no errors)
64 bit ultimate

Any suggestion what might be wrong and how i can fix it?

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Open Task Manger and check the processes tab to see if anything is using a lot of CPU time. You might check some of the other performance indicators there as well.

There are more performance utilities in the Administrative control panel.

Do you know for sure WinAmp is compatible with Win 7?

Check the Event Viewer to see if you are getting Errors or Warnings..


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I can't tell from your attachment what errors might be happening. They need to be expanded to check for particulars.

Looks like most of the errors are from Service Control Manager, and Application popups. If you click on those, you might get an indication of what is actually causing the problem. I probably can't read it ....

Look for a time when the errors occur. If you can make the problem happen, then do so and check the errors then.

If we need to go to the next step, we might download and install Process Explorer from Microsoft which will show what is going on in more detail.

Is Kaspersky installed in your computer?

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