Windows 7 freezing issue


I recently was forced to delete all data on my laptop including OS and I decided to give 7 a try while I save up for a full new OS. I installed 7 fine and everything seemed to work ok for about ten minutes. Then the computer started seriously freezing. If I do ANYTHING it freezes and I have to wait a good three minutes before it allows me to do anything.

I have done everything to try and get it to work. Defrag'd my system, downloaded a registry cleaner, blah blah blah. Nothing has worked and I am at wits end here. I have noticed plenty of other people experiencing this same problem, (or similar), and so far no-one seems to have offered any useful advice. I'm posting this to let you all know that THIS PROBLEM STILL EXISTS!
*Seriously considers buying a mac.*

Anyways help would be greatly appreciated. (And make it simple help, I'm no techie).

I'm running the RCbuild7100


Toshiba satellite
Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3200 2.00GHz
2.00GB RAM (1.87 usable)
32-bit operating system


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"downloaded a registry cleaner"

These are all bad. I don't care who makes it. They do very little to no good for any system.

When you say freezing. Are saying the system locks up completely and you have to reboot?
Or, is the system kinda stuttering?

Have you made sure you are running all the latest drivers for your system?
Unfortunately, windows update drivers are usually horrible and I wish they would do away with it.
I have seen the automatic drivers updates from windows updates cause a lot of problems over the years.
I strongly recommend doing the following........see below.

Which model Satellite are you running on?

Windows 7 will run slow for a day or so after installation.
It is doing some general background configuration and indexing (my theory).
This is normal and will subside after about 24 to 48 hours.

Start from scratch at this point....
During install, reformat the drive so nothing is left on it. (backup any data of course)
Once you get throught he install a screen will appear asking you to configure stuff manually, (or I'll configure this later)
Choose that, this will disable windows updates.
Once in the system, go into control panel and windows updates and set it to only do High Priority updates and nothing else.
You will see it once in there. Or set it to only inform you and then manually do the updates and hide any driver updates they recommend. Update the drivers from the manufacturers site only. Not Windows Updates.

Then go to Toshibas website and grab all the latest drivers for 7 or vista.
If neither exists, then there is a huge part of your problem most likely.
That PC is not ready for 7 if that is the case.

Make sure you are installing chipset drivers, They use to call them TBios, I am not sure anymore as I haven't worked on a Toshiba in a long time. These are very important. and can cause major problems if they are not installed. Toshiba's (in my personal opinion) are not always great PC's nor are their drivers.

If you are still having problems after that, then I would run Hardware Diags.
Memory diags should run for a minimum of 4 hours.
Winodws Memory Diags are very good, but you should run Memtest also to double check.

Unfortunately, using RC (a.k.a. Beta) software, you need to be a bit techie to try and work through any potential problems that may arise. This is completely unavoidable.


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I recently was forced to delete all data on my laptop including OS
Tepid suggestions are excellent, however, could you tell me how you went about deleting everything?

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