Windows 7 Freezing on Start Up

Hi all

I was wondering if anyone has any idea what could be causing my computer to freeze. I recently upgraded to win 7 from Vista with a clean install. I then installed a few programmes such as itunes, office etc and it was all running fine. Then a load of updates were installed as you'd expect, but since this morning the computer will give me 5 - 30 seconds to open something and then the task bar, start menu etc is all un accessable - even task manager will open but freeze before you can do anything. It is just contastanlty stuck on the 'working / loading' icon. However it will allow me to continue to run whatever applications are open until they are minimised or closed, so if IE 8 is open I can carry on doing whatever all day but outside of that I am stuck.

Has anyone else come across this or is aware of a solution? I would like to avoid having to format / re install again


Yeah I have the same problem.

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