Windows 7 Freezing problem!

Hey! I bought W7 Ultimate edition a few days ago, and i tried to install it. after facing a lot of problems with the instalation ( had to take out all usb cables, also 2gb of ram so i have 1 left inside, in order to finish the instalation.) and now, finally, the instalation is finished.

Beside that, i finally installed w7, and once w7 starts, i enter the password, 5 sec passes, and the whole pc freezes. I Read a bit on the forums and seen that some people advised to download newest video drivers, but it didint help. also i updated all my drivers by " Driver Genious pro". In safe mode, it runs perfectly, but outside the safe mode, nothing works ><. THe freezes do occure always after turning on w7. Sometimes before typing the password in, sometimes during, and sometimes after. As till now, my record of usage was 14 sec.

Additionaly i should add that my version is in German (was told that i can easily change the language in the installation, but it seems not|) and i cannot change it to english as i have not enoguh time to change the language as the freez appears in like 10 sec after entering the password.

My PC:
Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64 bit, CLEAN INSTALL on a formated HD, NOT UPGRADED!
Motherboad : Asus P5Q
3 GB of ram ( currently 1 gb eqquipped)
GPU- nVidia gtx 260 with newest update
HD: 160gb
CPU : Intel Dual core 2.6ghz ( E8000 or something like that, dont remember the full name)

WIsh You manage to help me

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Most all of us agree that an upgrade is not the route to take. It leaves useless files on your system and can cause conflicts,which you are expiencing

Save all you Documents, Pictures, contacts, videos, music, etc to a flash drive,

Be aware, you will need to re-install your 3rd party applications.

There i poll going on now and "clean" install is winning by a mile,.

i made a clean install. it is not an upgrade. I formated my HD and made a clean install of w7 ultimate 64 bit


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Whar version are you using,'Student, Regular ISO, etc

64-bit or 32-bit.

If this just happen I;s re-brn the ISO at it's slowest speed an duse a good quality name-brans DVD.

i wrote before. I bought it, so its on a DVD, 64 bit Ultimate Windows 7. i didint get it through any student program or anything


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Why do you have to enter a password, if its ;a purchased copy,

If you're connected ti the Internet, is automatically activated

Were you connoted to the Internet?

Maybe it's;s different for other language versions. were you connected to the Internet.'

by password i mean the one when i logg into w7. Like Username and password. And yes i was connected to the internet. though only for a short amount of time as it froze ><


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How about we st you up to login in automatically . if Iit works, you can change it back and give it a try?

Im desperate, and im gonna try anything thats possible. How should i set up to login in automaticly?>

PS. Sometimes i manage to login, but the freez occures also after the login


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Windows includes a feature that allows you to configure the computer to automatically logon to the network, bypassing the Winlogon dialog box.

To enable this function you need to add several new values to the key below.
  1. Add a new string value named 'DefaultUserName' and set it to the username you wish to automatically logon as.
  2. Add a new string value named 'DefaultPassword' and set this to the password for the user entered above.
  3. Add a new string value named 'DefaultDomainName' and set this to the domain of the user. Ignore this value if the NT box is not participating in NT Domain security.
  4. Add a new string value named 'AutoAdminLogon' and set it to either '1' to enable auto logon or '0' to disable it.
  5. For Windows 2000 the additional force autologon setting must be enabled to stop the tweak from resetting on reboot.
Exit and restart, Windows should not ask for a password and automatically show the desktop of the user.

Note: The password is stored in registry, which means anyone who has access to the machine has access to the password. Note: You can bypass this function by holding down the SHIFT key during the boot or logoff process

wait wait wait... Your a few steps before me. WHere should i add these strings? and could You please make the instruction really step by step xd? coz otherwise i have to check how to call each thing in german and look for it which is very time consumable ;/

THx! Your really hellping me out!


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OK, I'll sent you a script

man! YOur really saving the day! If this works, ill worship You :)


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Extract the file, then open it in Notepad, and save it in ANSI format

Make sure to substitute Jim for your Login name

After Notepad, just doable-click on it to merge it into the registry

thanks! Done this ;) Where should i put it in? I mean, where in W7 are the logs?

ok, i think i;v done this. checking now ;D * crosses fingers* WORK WORK WORK PLEASE!

The log is working, but it still freezes ;/ >< GOD DAMN IT! WHat should i do ? Should i consult MS and ask them for a new copy or what?

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You can look at the logs by going to Start > Run, and tye eventvwr

Lool for enties under Windows logs with a red and/or yellow fags

there is one unknown device with a yellow triangle. I tried to repair, but cant so im gonna delete it.


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No, don't dekete it, give me the Event ID.

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