Windows 7 Freezing when a window is opened

I'm not sure what the solution is, but whenever I open various windows, such as My documents,My Computer or even open my external drive.. I will not be able to switch back to the other windows.

I can click them, but they do not light up and I'm not able to close them.

The only way around this is by opening the task manager. once I do this, the windows seem to be active again and it allows me to close them, or navigate around in them.

Any thoughts?


A few more details:
It is a fresh install of windows 7, drive was clean beforehand. I've only installed about 3 programs so far, (itunes, avg and Aion)

I updated the system last night using Windows update which loaded 13 different things in. I was hoping this would cure it. but it didn't.

To try and explain the problem a bit better, If I open a window on the computer, for some reason the window will stop responding. Can't scroll the page, can't select anything on the page.

for example, tried installing something last night and a box popped up, but I could not push OK, I could bring the box to front, but I couldn't select the OK button. The same happens when I open most any window.. like its inactive or something. The only way around this that I have found is to Cntl, ALT, DEL to open task manager.

When I do this, the windows all work as they should.

But at times the windows will again freeze or act in this manner, unable to do anything with them, select boxes, right click options or close them, Unless I go back and open the task manager again. This seems to be the only problem I have, After i installed Aion, I played for a few hours without issue. and I had been playing ME2, even leaving the computer on with the game running, without a single crash or any problem for a solid day.

The only time this problem occurs is when I am navigating around, opening various windows.

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