Windows 7 from a partition problems

Ok. Here's the deal. I acquired Windows 7 Ultimate RTM the other day. I intended to go from XP to 7. I don't have a disk drive on my computer (a netbook) and don't want to spend the money on a 4Gb + thumb drive. My computer had my entire disk drive partitioned into 2 partitions (1 for all things XP and a second one for backup). I used Acronis Disk Director Suite to take some space from partition 1 (which had about 90 or so gb) and make a 3rd partition. I installed 7 onto this partition. I was immediately assaulted with countless chkdsk messages and error messages. I used chkdsk on the 3rd partition and once it restarted, I was finally able to start installing programs. Now, when trying to open Firefox and other programs, I get a message that says an instance of FF is already running and that I should close it (the program is no where to be seen, by the way) or restart. What should I do?

After doing some research, I've seen that some people in the beta stages had similar problems using Acronis. I have a feeling this constant stream of headaches and error messages is to be blamed on that program. I need some help.


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Is Firefox the only program that does that? If so that's a known Firefox issue.

Firefox is already running but is not responding

Though I am an avid Firefox user I haven't run across it for a couple years now. Some other people still do though. Maybe that's all your problem is.

Unfortunately, no. I've only managed to install about 3 programs before I was distracted with Firefox. I also receive this message when trying to open up Thunderbird. A Mozilla thing, possibly? iTunes seems to open up fine, so far.


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I guess it could be a Mozilla thing but I don't really know. I'd try a couple more programs. If there is still a problem then maybe there is still something wrong with your W7 installation. Maybe "System File Checker" could fix it. You might try this:

Go to Accessories - Command Prompt.
Right click then click "Run as Administrator".
Click past the UAC prompt.
Type in: sfc /scannow then enter.

It'll take a while. If you have any corrupted system files maybe it can fix them. I wish I could guarantee it will help but unfortunately I can't.

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