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I've been having trouble with the Windows 7 Gadgets, is there a way to enable and disable gadgets as in turning them all on or turning them all off with Windows remembering each of their settings and placement on the Desktop? I like the gadgets but I also like to squeeze the most out of my system when I'm gaming and I'd like an option of turning off all gadgets and background services and minimizing system load.
Whenever I close gadgets, (which I have to do one by one), when I turn them back on all my settings disappear and I have to place them one by one on the desktop all over again.. There must be a smarter way Windows thought of, shouldn't there be?

No,,, not all gadgets save settings. The only one that I have found so far is the very awesome App Launcher gadget.
It doesn't save position on screen, but you don't have to re-add and organize your icons every time you close it.

While gadgets do use up resources, and can be good to close if needed for gaming..this would be about the only thing I would consider as a resource hog for gaming, and that depends on the gadget itself. Not all are bad with resources, infact I don't turn any of mine off when gaming, (my bottle neck is the video card) and tweaking Win7 will not produce enough advantage to be worth the effort. Win7 is much better at memory management. Some people just can't put aside the notion that there is no need for hardware or system type profiles for disabling services etc. That used to be true (once upon a time), but is a myth (in my opinion) now.

While there may be some seeming advantages to disabling some services. Places like Black Viper offer up the extreme,,, which in 99.9% of the time, is unnecessary tweaking on 7. However, XP is a different story.

I do not believe that it has been proven one way or the other that disabling a bunch of things improves enough to truly be worth the effort.

Honestly, I haven't done any of those things I don't notice any problems, slow downs, etc. I just need a new video card


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I'm using the Clock, Weather, CPU Meter and a Volume Control gadget.

When I right click the desktop.
Mouse over: View.
Then click: Show desktop gadgets.

It toggles my gadgets to show or not show. The ones I'm using don't lose their settings. I don't think it's turning them off. I think it's just not showing them. Maybe it's just because of which gadgets I'm using though.

In Task Manager it does turn off the process and show a reduction in memory used.

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Gadgets do use processes and memory and they can be turned off... but if you turn them off, you will have to reset them
If you hide them, then it just hides them, but doesn't reduce processes/memory that much if at all.

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