Windows 7, Ghost and Sysprep.

I could use some advice on using preparing a Windows 7 Pro image using Ghost GSS 2.5. I have downloaded a demo of GSS 2.5 to test.

I have used BartPE and Ghost 8.3 to image hundreds of machines running XP Pro for years without fail, but this Windows 7 process has my head spinning.

Am I forced to download MS's AIK just to create an answer file? Can't I just Sysprep the machine the way I did with XP? (Sysprep -mini -nosidgen -reseal).

I noticed that GSS uses WindowsPE and does supply an easy way to add drivers, even though I have added the Windows 7 driver I need and it still is not giving me network support when I boot from the bootable thumbdrive I created with GSS, but that is a separate issue for now.

I simply want to configure a machine running Windows 7 Pro, add our programs, setup a default profile, Sysprep and image. Can I still use Ghost 8 and BartPE?

I know these questions seem a bit general, and I have searched for answers but it all seems more complicated than I think it should be. Or is it really THAT different to image 7?

Thanks for your time,
Frustrated Windows 7 noob.

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