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Are you looking to get a copy of Windows 7 when it's released somwtime later this year? Well it looks like Microsoft is giving out a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate to participants of the Windows Feedback Program who meet certain criteria according to an e-mail shown in the screenshot Link Removed due to 404 Error
Interesting read..
That's the same with all contests. I could have a house filled with won TVs right now.
But no.... stupid country laws.
All conditions apply except the USA part ......

I sent MS lots of feedback and bug reporting.

BTW ... I like the smile:)/frown:mad: feedback on Office 2010 ....
yeah I noticed the smile frown thing when i installed it I just skipped over it because we are not suppose to have 2010 now. But anyway back to this free gift stuff knowing now only did the US help but that other countries out there have helped with the devlopment of software technologies why in the world would MS not allow other countries be involved in contests plain and simple they are cheap and don't wanna ship prizes to other countries due to custom issues I guess but doesn't MS make like billions of dollars off of software people have given feedback on to make batter? So the way I look at it is they need to have some type of contest that includes all other countries besides the US. here is some interesting facts just from my point of view about 55% of my friends are from outside of the US of those friends 20% live in cananda 5% live in India 20% live in Europe and the other 10% live in other countries and if it wasn't for some of their feedback most of the things you see today in MS technologies wouldn't be there just my Opinion
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