Windows 7 "God Mode"


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Found this, thought its was interesting

Although its name suggests perhaps even grander capabilities, Windows enthusiasts are excited over the discovery of a hidden "GodMode" feature that lets users access all of the operating system's control panels from within a single folder.



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It goes back even further than that. I repeated it for Vista, during the Beta testing period, about four years ago. I think I copied it from the technet forums. It was also featured in an article in WinVistaClub about two years ago. It is nothing mind shattering. Most of the commands are availble in the various sections of the Control panel, and can also be typed direct into help and support with the same result. But, it is undoubtably a better alternative to the default conontrol panel.

I have always kept it for reinsertion in subsequent installs. fwiw, I like its appearance in small icon view.

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There have been suggestions that this can cause 64 Bit OS's to crash. I only use 64 Bit and have not had this bad experience (Yet!)

If you would like to read arun down on its functionality:

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Great Tool I created it on the desktop then I dragged it to C Drive and Put a short cut to it on my Desk top here is how to create it
Found at Toms Hardware
How to Activate GodMode in Windows 7 - Tom's Hardware
Want to activate GodMode in 7? Here's how!
Windows 7 users are all abuzz about the OS and its GodMode. If you haven't heard of it, GodMode is a feature that was revealed
Correspondent, Ina Fried. GodMode is a folder that brings together a long list of customization settings allowing you to change all your settings from one place. Neat huh? It's very easy to enable and damn useful if you tweak things around a lot.
I've broken it down into five-step process to avoid confusion:
Step 1: Right click.
Step 2: Click create folder.
Step 3: Name your sparkly, new folder this, GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and press enter.
Step 4: Blink as the folder changes form to look like the control panel.
Step 5: Open the folder and bask in all your godly, control panel-y power.


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Ive no idea how someone find out something like this, but its suits me fine. Convenient as.

Also, could a mod put it in the tweaks/how to forums please, I put it in the wrong place.

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