windows 7 hanging after login

hi, My window 7 Ultimate OS is hanging after logining into to. After desktop and Task Bar appears nothing more works. Even Ctrl+alt+del also not appears. After a long break it says "Failure to Display security and shutdown options". i have gone through all the options from F8 repair options since 3 days. Opened in safemode and checked the event viewer. i found many errors in it but don't know which is causing this problem. after checking all i found this may be responsible and searched it on google and taken what ever measures they said and got an advance from login screen to desktop and taskbar appearance and hanging there (present situation).
Error: Session "ReadyBoot" stopped due to the following error: 0xC0000188, event ID:3, Source: Kernel-Event Tracing.
Plz help me. if any info more needed i'll post. i was able to get into safemode.
Note: I have a backup at the time of installation after which i have so many updates and softwares installed. If backup is restores 10s of software installation i loose. and esp. i want restore IE, Chrome and Firefox pages to restore. I have done restore point use (only 1 i have). Tried "last known good configuration", disabling some services incl. readyboot. no use.


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Have you tried a Repair Install. Insert the installation media and boot to it. Choose Repair my computer. If you do not have a install DVD, you might be able to download the Win 7 iso file including SP1 from Digital River, burn this iso image to disk to make it bootable (Click the file and burn it).

For future reference, create new Images when you make changes to your OS. This way your Image will be Up To Date and will include all changes you have made. This makes it so much quicker to restore.

Hi ted, thanks for the quick reply. i have few Questions
i have the DVD with which i installed intially but if i repair it, does all my updates remain?
And what about my applications i installed (so many that take time to reinstall)?
this is so important of all: Is there a way to backup my IE, Google chrome and firefox pages? ( i used them seperately not at a time)My previous backup folders (vikkram-pc, windowsImageBackup) are 8 Gb and 25 Gb each. why it created 2 folders? how to remove them if i want to create new backup? or should i need to update the backup? if so how?
i am doing my masters research so i need these pages compulsarily.
Due to less time i compulsarily need to restore everything without reinstall anything (except for few)


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You can run start up repair without losing anything.
It will try and repair your boot setup.

Weird as it sound I've read many times that running it 3 times is what it sometimes takes to fix things.

Here's a link to the Start-up Repair information...

Startup Repair - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows

If you are running Windows 7 Service Pack One, it has to be removed before you do a Repair Install unless your computer is new enough to have service pack included on on the Windows install DVD.

Another twist that makes things more difficult then it should be.

Since you can log in it safe mode I would try turning off all of the services that aren't necessary and things that load at startup, see if you can boot normally then.

In the Run box type... Msconfig

You can also run ....

From the elevated Prompt Right click on the Prompt Icon and select run as administrator. Then type…

SFC /scannow

Scans and restores system files.

I use CCleaner to edit my startup items. You can just check and uncheck what you want to run.


Piriform - Download CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, Speccy - Millions of users worldwide!

If you are running Ready Boost unplug the USB stick.


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I downloaded the Windows 7 SP1 .iso from Digital River Ted recommends and it appears to work, even for the UEFI boots.

hi mike, i have done all those things you said before entering into the online search. whenever i face any problem with my system i use to go all the ways that are possible with and if nothing works then only i come online search. if any error occurs i first check that in event viewer and i'll note the error and search it online. i always keep dual boot in system so when some trouble occurs i can get into with another OS (win XP here) to backup my files. i can't go with the Ccleaner kind of things because i don't want my IE history washed away and i don't know google chrome and firefox where they store their history which are very important for me.
ya, onething i have not done is startup repair for the second time. i used it only once. ok now i'll try 2-3 times more,
one small doubt, shld i do startup repair again again same time or shld i check whether it boots my system after every repair?

I have done already other steps like defragmentation, sfc /scannow, switching off all unneccessary services and even disabled readyboot (as someone said online). after readyboot disabled i was able to see desktop and taskbar but nothing works.

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I think the idea is to run start-up repair 3 times.

I don't know if it matters whether you try and boot in between.

If none of this works at least since you can boot into Safe Mode, I would get an external hard drive.

They are pretty cheap now and back everything important up and then try and do the repair install.

If you don't want to do that then I'd copy everything important to DVD, or if you have a second internal hard drive to that.

Repair Install - Windows 7 Forums

This should retain all your setting etc., but I'd still back everything up first.
If you Windows install disk doesn't have service pack one on it and you have it installed then you will have to remove it first.

How to uninstall Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

This was a lot easier before service pack one but it shouldn't take more then a half hour or so to do and your computer should run like new again.


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With the iso file from Digital River, SP1 is included so removing SP1 might not be necessary before trying the Repair Install. Just download the file (it's rather large and will take a while), burn it to DVD (I've done this myself. Works great, will allow booting to the DVD) Then use this DVD for the Repair Install instead of the original DVD if SP1 has already been installed. If SP1 has not been installed then the original DVD will work just fine.

hi, thanks for all the advices. i have tried all the options (other than repairing with DVD sp1) like cleanboot also. With the clean boot procedure few non microsoft services (not newly installed) and many microsoft services too causing the system hang. may be this because those files myb be corrupted. if few i may reinstall them but microsoft services i don't know how to restore. so i am going for the last option to download the DVD as said in this forum and i'll use it to repair. i started Downloading it and is taking more than 15 hours (still left with 5 hours)
Now i have few doubts, plz clarify them.
1) I don't know whether my windows 7 has sp1 or not (windows 7 ultimate build 7100). after installing i installed several updates to it.
now does this "dvd from digital river" works for me?
2) plz once again clarify me about my history of IE, firefox and chrome. this repair install will not delete my history? i compulsarily need my pages to be restored.


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The download is fairly large. Unless you are on a fast connection (cable, etc.) it will take a while.

Control Panel, System will show if SP1 is installed:

Notice the Service Pack 1 designation.

The repair install should not delete any of your stuff, but just in case, create an Image before doing the install, then you can access this info from the repaired install using the Image app boot media. I use Acronis True Image Home for these, but there are several free alternatives as well. I am not sure of the Backup and Restore app included with Win 7 is capable of accessing individual files and data.

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hi, after a week trouble i was able to fix it partailly. now i was able to access windows 7 ( now i am posting this from windows OS only)
Things i have done.
1.Booted to safe mode
2.Disabled services that are not critical (as i searched through google for ptimizing win7)
3.Made it clean boot by removing all the startup and services.
4.Find out the culprit as said in microsoft website about clean booting.
5.Find more than 5 services non microsoft services: Adobe switch board, Autodesk licensing service, AVG watchdog, AVG IDS agent and google update service (gupdate and gupdatem) and microsoft services more than 1 alphabatically (A, B, D, H, K, N, W). Unable to find more individual services as it is taking a lot and lot of time restarting system. thats almost more than 20 times of restart. fed up.
6.I scanned sfc and it fixed some more errors.
7.from windows XP (parallel os) i donwloaded tha above said windows 7 sp1 DVD.
8.Got to remember that my DVD drive is not working and 2 days of trying to update drivers and found nothing. finally from event viewer i found its because of faulty cable and replaced it. read or writing from windows (neither from 7 nor from XP) but able to boot with the DVD in dvd drive.
10.Now how to write the downloaded DVD (win7 with sp1 integrated) to write and repair my windows 7? (drive is not working only in windows
11.Installed MagicISO and mounted the cd in windows 7 and tried to upgrade install of win 7 with win7 sp1 says it can upgrade only win7 with sp1 already installed.
13.i tried to find by my windows update but it is not listing in updates. i installed remaing 1 update about win defender
14.what to do next? how to repair my win7 without DVD drive working?
15.Can i download sp1 offline version seperately and install it and then repair with the DVD?
16.or if i select to install win7 as new install (not upgrade) and after restart will i get repair option? (note: this is from virtual cdrom)
17.if i start it above way and after restart by the installation is it able to access the DVD from virtual drive for remaining part of installation?

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