Windows 7 Hangs On Shutdown

I just bought a new Lenovo Thinkpad T400. This is my 5th Thinkpad. It is a 2767-P1U. It is running Windows 7. I have the Lenovo drivers installed and have upgraded them to the latest available. I have also got Norton Anti-Virus 2011 and Office 2007 Professional. Windows is fully updated as well.

The processor is: Core 2Duo T9400 with 2GB Memory.

I am having issues getting the machine to shut down from the “Start > Shutdown” command. It continues to the shut down splash screen and has the rotating circle “hourglass” and stays that way. There appears to be little to no hard drive activity and it just sits there. After about 5 minutes of waiting, I am forced to use the actual power button to hard shut down the system.

In order to investigate possible causes to this problem I began by determining what programs are running at start up in MSCONFIG. Aside from a few IBM applications, Windows and Norton services nothing seems to be in there that should cause any issues.

I checked the Event Viewer and can see that there seems to be some issues with “miniport” drivers from AMD. I thought this may have something to do with the video drivers as they are ATI (now AMD) and removed the extra Catalyst stuff and left the drivers. No change.

I removed the Anti-Virus software completely. No Change.

I tried disabling the network adapters, including Wireless. No change.

One thing is certain. If I start the computer and sign into windows and then immediately click Start>Shutdown, it goes down in 10 seconds.

My questions are: Is this a power management driver issue? A video driver issue still? Some other “miniport” issue? Something I can’t see?

Does anyone have any insight into what is causing this?

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Could you supply some more detailed information about the miniport drivers? Double click the error to see details.

Do you have any external devices plugged in?

To test, you might open msconfig. On the General Tab, choose Selective startup and uncheck Load startup items. After boot, let the system run long enough so it will have the problem and try shutting down. Depending on this outcome it might lead us in a particular direction.

Another way might be to shut down or stop specific Processes or Services before you shut down to see if you can find the problematic one.

I always suspect Norton, so check if there are still any utilties left over from there.

If none of this helps, we may go into the powercfg -energy utility to see if it shows anything.

Thank you for the reply.

I checked into the event viewer and was able to find 1 critical error around the time I it was shutting down. It seems the "miniport" error I saw before has vanished. The system does not have any external devices plugged in to any port.

This is what it says:

The Data Transfer Service service has reported an invalid current state 0.

-Provider[ Name] Service Control Manager[ Guid] {555908d1-a6d7-4695-8e1e-26931d2012f4}[ EventSourceName] Service Control Manager

-EventID7016[ Qualifiers] 49152

-TimeCreated[ SystemTime] 2011-03-27T06:14:54.154576100Z

-Execution[ ProcessID] 692[ ThreadID] 3868

param1Data Transfer Serviceparam20
I did more troubleshooting with this issue yesterday afternoon. The issue is highly replicatable but not consecutive. If I start the system and then shut it down right away it shuts down with no issues.

As you suggested I checked out the "powercng - energy" through the command line and it told me that some of my power settings were not ideal but the only issues that it reported were related to that. Certainly nothing that could cause it to hang on shut down.

Does anyone have any more suggestions?

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On the energy report, there is a section for Sleep States capability. Which ones do you show as true? This might be used in conjunction with the times set for your different sleep/hibernate options.

Windows uses hybrid sleep as its default. There is an option under power settings, advanced settings to not allow hybrid sleep. If you continue to have problems you might try changing that for a while. You should also change some of the default timers so you know exactly when something should happen. Move the sleep back to 1 and hibernation to 2 or more hours if you have not already done that.

You might also try changing your entire power scheme to test. Start with High Performance to see if it works any better there.

I am not that familiar with such things, but it seems the error message is indicating the data that needs to be saved to disc is not able to do so. Whether this is because of some sleep state or something else, I do not know.

Think about using msconfig to keep any Norton utilities from starting during testing.

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