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Discussion in 'Windows Games' started by Radenight, Feb 17, 2010.

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    I wanted to point out that Windows 7 is so damn good when it comes to gaming that it has brought back the gaming nerd in me.. ;) I have always loved PC gaming but recently didn't bother with it too much because Windows XP just wasn't cutting it for me.. But Windows 7 has rekindled my love for PC gaming.. I am now spending a lot of time (probably more then I should.. ;) ) gaming on my most current custom gaming rig...

    I'm also very pleased with the fact that the last 15 games I have installed have worked 100% exactly the way they are supposed to from day one!

    Long live Windows 7 and the excellence in gaming that goes with it.. :) I can't wait until DirectX 11 has matured a little more.. It will only make the currently amazing gaming abilities of Windows 7 that much better..
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    I love EVERY aspect of Windows 7, DirectX 11 being my favorite.

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