Windows 7 has no provisions to log into an NT4 based domain?

Hi guys,

I recently did two builds at work with Windows 7 Professional. We've got a 2k3 based server but unfortunately haven't had the time to migrate from NT4 to 2k3 which will happen very soon.

Now here's my problem. While Windows 7 can detect all of the other computers on the network, it won't let me join the domain (which is required if I plan on using the networked printers and whatnot).

Windows 7 says that it cannot find the server, and it also claims that my credentials are invalid. In addition, it can detect networked drives when I try to map out the network, however, it once again claims that my username and password are invalid.

Suffice to say I'm pretty peeved, and I am trying to find a work around until we migrate.

Thanks for your time.

Similar issue, very similar. I've found some reference to using "Domain Join" to join a domain. I can remotely access my server (W2k), but can't logon to access files. Going through system properties to join a domain doesn't work. I can open a remote session and login to the server, but I can't map a drive, or log on through computer/network. Buying XP pro 64 at lunch...

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