Windows 7 hates Rainbow Six Vegas 2?

Hey people, I've been using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit for a while and I must say that I'm very impressed with it. However, there have been a couple of issues that have bothered me. My biggest problem lies with playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Basically my problem is that I cannot create a game nor join a game (well I can join and create but 60% of the times, it fails to create/join). I don't get any problems in Call of Duty 4, CS, CS:S, CZ, Left 4 Dead, and all my other games. It's only Vegas 2 that I'm having problems with. Now, I'm also dual booting with Windows XP Pro and everything works fine on it (even Vegas 2). So, anyone have a clue to why it's just that game that *bleeps* me over? I know that there have been many issues with Vegas 2 but I thought I'd post here for a clue, idea, hope, etc. I have tried changing my networking properties, checked to make sure my download/upload speeds haven't changed, disconnected any extra peripherals, restart both my router AND my cable modem and have not been TOTALLY successful. Also, youtube vids load slower on Windows 7 than on Windows XP for me. My guess is that my computer/router/cable modem isn't sending as much as it is receiving. My computer specs are:

- Biostar T5 XE motherboard
- Intel Core i5 750 cpu
- Ultra X3 850W psu
- 4gb ddr3 G.Skill memory
- BFG GTX 260
- 1TB Samsung Spinpoint HDD
- 250gb Seagate HDD
- LG dvd burner

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personally I never had any issue with Vegas 2, one of my fave LAN games, can only suggest check firewall is properly configured as well as any ports on router. Prehaps making a custom rule ont he firewall to allow the ICMP pings for v4 and 6 may help.

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BoogyMon here , im playing rainbow six vegas 2 at this very moment with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit with no problems at this very moment he he he ....first it put about a 1000 more scratches on my CD from microsoft just to get a stable copy of win 7 to load on this ol' dell from hell , but it finaly gave up the fight and loaded after three weeks of trial and mostly error i came up with a set of componets that is unstable but working 95% of the time.....and R6 - 2 ran ok in versus online and terrorists hunt but it went crazy when i tried to run through the story , until right now i have the story playing while my typing this message useing win how did i do it ??? i set up a RAID 5 before i loaded win 7 os and when loaded R6-2 right in on the same RAID 5 ...Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit loves i mean to tell u it feel in love at 1st sight with my RAID 5 ....sure im still getting blue screens 3 to 4 times a day (12hours ) but thats a lot better than every 10 to 15 minutes without RAID 5...and after a big melt down it boots back up online and back in the game in 3minutes compaired to not at all before !!!....if your going to do it DONT use hard drives over 1 TB each...u need three Hard drives exactly alike of any size or price hey guys and gals their getting real cheap to buy....newegg tiger direct u know get three $50 drives and ur good to drive will be all used up in parity so u will have the use of the other two for free space...if i had it to do over again i would have use 500GB drives so u end up with a little less than 1 TB to put your operating system and the game on and there cheap i have seen them on sale this year for $39 bucks each...and today i just downloaded win 7 service pack 1 from microsoft cause it just came out yesterday...and it seems to be helping things run smoother...and if this ol XPS720 dell with an out dated BTX mother board with one of the PCI-E x16 video slots burned out will run win 7 and R6-2 anything can lolololol...tried RAID 0 over and over again and again , crash crash crash ...RAID 1 crash RAID 0+1 crash ....this is the 1st time i have ever ran a RAID 5 on anything before , i like it! cu gg there is some one in my game shooting the hell outa things lol

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