Windows 7: HDD only reading/responding once a second

So I recently reformatted one of my (oldish) HP laptops with Windows 7, and the hard drive is not happy with the driver that it's using.

Once the system loads up, the hard-drive keeps lagging to read. It would read for a second, then stop for a second, read, stop, read stop. It's not the processor or RAM because while running an app it works fine, it just freezes while it waits for the hard drive to respond.

What's strange is that while the operating system is still loading, it works fine, but it seems one of the last things that is loaded into memory is either a bad program or a bad driver.
It works fine in Safemode.

I've been ripping my hair out over this for two days, updated all the drivers, reflashed the BIOS, still nothing.

If I go to Device manager and uninstall the driver, it works but then tells me to reboot and automatically reinstalls it as it boots up.


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What's the make and model of the laptop? Sometimes these old PC/laptops just can't handle a new OS because of the hardware compatibility issue's and the company's just don't make drivers for such outdated hardware.

It's an HP dv2608ca laptop, not too old, and it was intended to run Vista.

I've tried flashing the bios and installing all the drivers that are available.

Is there any way to remove the driver from 7's cache so it stops updating? Because it works perfectly fine in safemode, and if I uninstall the driver it works fine, but as soon as it reboots and force-reinstalls it, stuff breaks.


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Is this a 32 or 64 bit OS? When you installed 7 did you use the upgrade method or a clean install? Are you sure you downloaded the right driver for the right type bit OS? Did you use the windows 7 upgrade advisor to see any potential problems that my occur before you attempted the install? If it's running in safe mode fine, your right it's a hardware/driver issue.

According to HP website it doesn't support windows 7 software or drivers for that particular model.

Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion dv2608ca Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

It's 32 bit, and I'm installing the Vista drivers on 7, none of which have complained or anything. It was a full clean install on a newly-formatted partition.

I didn't run the adviser, but I don't see how there should be anything wrong anywhere, especially since it CAN support it, just forces itself to install a bad one.

I tried updating the BIOS and ensuring I have the right drivers, but still nothing. Didn't really see anything on that page relevant to harddrive problems.

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