windows 7 - headwrecker!

Hi lads,

Got really big problem myself.

Basically I have two partitions on my computer.

C- active, system, primary partition

D- boot, page file, crash dump, logical drive

On both of them I have win7 installed. The problem is that I want to have only win7 from partition D working and format partition C.

So whatever I'm trying to do doesnt work. I can make C inactive but I cannot make D active so my laptop won't boot then. Cannot format C cause system is seeing it as a only system working and cannot format is because will not boot again, because D is inacrtive.

Can someone help me to make D partition - system and active and format C?

thanks for any advice


Copy the boot folder and bootmgr files from the root C: to the root D:.

When it says that it can't copy over bcd or bcd.log to the new location, tell it to skip them.

Then open an elevated command prompt and run the following command:

bcdedit /export D:\boot\bcd

Check the new boot folder for bcd to be in it now. Open disk management and set D: as the active partition.

Use msconfig to remove the old Windows 7 entry to original (the one that will not be used any longer). Format C: if you want.

sorry i'm not so familiar with computer, can you write me where is the boot folder? :p and thanks for help by the way

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